This is a "demo" website which also includes a "demo"  printed 12 page brochure and "demo" email. It is all intended to offer a new campaign to Reinboth based on "Beauty" as the key promotional concept.

  1. This website best viewed on a desktop display. It has not been optimized for mobile display at this time.
  2. This site is not complete. It is an "idea" website created to show a "beauty" focus.
  3. The site specifically tells search engines NOT to index so there is no conflict with current search engine results.
  4. This is a demo for Reinboth to give substance to the campaign based on "seeing it".
  5. This is a "private site" and is not available to the general public.
  6. We have sent along a printed version of a new brochure as well. It uses the latest print-on-demand technology which enables buying only as many as needed as often as needed.

We hope you enjoy this planned campaign.

Reinboth & Company

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